A great end of the season with a fourth place from Salac

CarXpert PrüstelGP Team finishes the season with Filip Salac in a strong fourth place, just behind the podium. Ryusei Yamanaka finishes 19th after a crash in the first lap.

In honor of the last race, Valencia, the home of the final race of the season, showed itself from its best side. In the early morning hours, the Moto3 and thus also the CarXpert PrüstelGP Team went off for the warm up in sunny weather with Filip Salac and Ryusei Yamanaka. Salac finished in the morning in a good 6th place and Yamanaka in 23rd place.

Right on time at 11:00, at the usual race time, the lights went out for the start of the Moto3 race. Filip Salac got away from the grid very well and immediately fought for the top positions. The Czech rider was constantly in the Top5 during the first laps, before he had to ride a Long Lap Penalty, because of exceeding track limits. After that, Salac lined up in twelfth place, from where he fought his way forward again. He finally finished the race in a strong fourth place after a top performance.

Only a corncorners after the start, Ryusei Yamanaka was very unlucky: a rider crashed in front of him and Yamanaka was unable to avoid his own crash, due to other riders braking abruptly. However, the Japanese was able to continue and finish the race in 19th place after a short pit stop.

The 2021 season of the Moto3 World Championship comes to an end with the Valencia Grand Prix – for the CarXpert PrüstelGP team it was an eventful and not only pleasant year. The loss of 19-year-old Jason Dupasquier at the end of May still carries the team with it. With logos, pictures and memories, Jason was with the team at every race weekend and will continue to be so in the future. Also in the mind of Jason, the journey of PrüstelGP will continue next year: with Tom Lüthi, who celebrated the last Moto2 race today with an emotional farewell, an experienced MotoGP expert will be in charge as sports director for PrüstelGP next year. With excitement for the next season and in memory of Jason Dupasquier, as well as with a big thank you to the whole team, to Ryusei Yamanaka and Filip Salac, the German team now goes into the winter break.

Filip Salac (4. | 38’30.745):

“That last day was just amazing. Already in the warm up I had an extremely good feeling on the bike and in the race I had the power to ride in front. At some times I was in second position, which was a really great feeling! Then I had to ride the long lap penalty, fell back, but was able to make up some places and fight my way back to the leading group. For me personally, it was the best race of the season. Looking back, I had a great time with the team and I’m happy that we can finish this year with such a good result. Thank you!”

Ryusei Yamanaka (19. | 39’04.058):

“That was really bad luck for me today. I crashed on the very first lap, although it wasn’t my fault. I went back to the box, the team was able to make the bike ridable again in a very short time, so that I could rejoin the race, but of course there was nothing left for me to win after this incident. At least I could finish the race, which helps me to accept the not optimal end of the season and still be somehow satisfied with it, although it is extremely sad. I would have expected more and actually had a good feeling for today. Now the season is over – thanks to the whole team, to the mechanics and to the management, especially for encouraging me and helping me to grow personally and sport-wise.”

Pictures by © [2021] RLekl

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