Cohesiveness and solidarity during the Covid19 crisis

Open letter from PrüstelGP

Dear motorsport fans, sponsors, partners and friends,

While we are writing these words in our office, we should be in Austin, Texas with the bikes already on track for the third race of the season. But in the last few weeks the Covid19 virus has taken the control of the whole world and also MotoGP World Championship has to deal with this epidemy.

This global crisis makes us realize that motorsport is not the most important thing in life and that the health and safety of people is the highest priority. We therefore support any decision taken by FIM, Dorna and IRTA, together with governments, in order to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Circumstances are developing fast and at the moment is not possible to foresee how long the virus will keep all of us in a state of emergency. The next races up to and including Le Mans have already been postponed and we fear that at least Mugello and Barcelona will also be affected. Various possibility are currently being considered by the authorities to see how the MotoGP World Championship can return to normality as soon as this crisis is over. The possibilities range from a shortened season with only 10-15 races, to two races per weekend, to a season with events until wintertime. At this stage it can´t be said yet which one of these options is the most likely to be realized. We must keep a close eye on the situation and react accordingly.

The same applies to our PrüstelGP Academy Junior Project. The new Northern Talent Cup (NTC) is still waiting for the first official test to take place, and the season of FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship has not officially started yet. Here, too, we will have to wait until the situation gets better to be able to set a new race calendar. All our riders are using the time to stay fit and to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the next race, whenever it will take place.

It is a difficult time for all of us who love motorsport. For us, who get goosebumps at the sound of the engine and feel more than just enthusiasm at sight of a racing bike. Sport is not just an entertainment, it is our passion. It makes people from all over the world to stay together and it creates heroic stories and incredible memories. It connects many people from different countries, but with the same love for bikes. This cohesiveness will be very important in the coming weeks. Only together can we overcome this crisis. Without solidarity among each other, it will not be possible to go out from this situation unscathed.

For this reason, we would like to thank all our sponsors and partners who support us despite all the economic restrictions and ensure that we can continue to pursue our common passion. Without you all of this wouldn´t be possible, we want to wish all of you the best and we hope you will emerge from this situation unscathed and even stronger than before.

Special thanks also go to our fans who continue to follow us from home through social media and remain faithful to us. We really hope that we will all see each other again at the race track of all over the world as soon as possible!

The entire PrüstelGP Team wishes you all the best and stay healthy.

Photo credits: © [2020] RLekl

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