Disappointing outcome of the “Gran Premio Movistar de Aragon”

Disappointing outcome of the “Gran Premio Movistar de Aragon”

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At the Grand Prix of Aragon the squad of Peugeot Motocycles SAXOPRINT planned to build on the positive result of the last race and attack the top 15 but in the end Kornfeil and Pulkkinen only finished 25th and 29th.


Just like yesterday the start into the Sunday was under the weather. Due to persistent fog the warm up of the Moto3TM category had to be delayed and therefor shortened. Luckily the race which was delayed as well and started at 11.40am was held under beautiful sunshine.

Again the starting grid had to be revised after the qualifying because a bunch of riders where penalized for irresponsible riding. Kornfeil and Pulkkinen where the lucky ones moving up to 22nd and 29th position.


Following the delays of the warm ups race direction decided to shorten the Moto3TM race to 13 laps only and therefor the protagonists started full gas right away.

Kornfeil got of the line quite well but an overtake in the first corner made him go wide. He dropped down to 27th position and from there a position inside the top 20 was out of reach once again.
The extremely long straight at the MotorLand did one last thing and split up the grid into many little groups during the race distance.
Even though the experienced Czech could close the gap to the group in front of him while he was 27th he couldn´t finish better than 25th eventually.


Team mate Pulkkinen had to share a similar fate. He already lost a few positions at the start and an almost-crash afterwards made him lose contact to his group completely. Together with rider Toba he tried to catch the rest of the grid but the gap got bigger lap by lap and the Rookie crossed the finish line in 29th position.


Now it´s time for the teams of the FIM Motorcycle World Championship to prepare their 3 weeks journey to Asia in two weeks time.



Race results Moto3TM
1. J. Mir | SPA | HONDA
2. F. Di Giannantonio | ITA | HONDA
3. E. Bastianini | ITA | HONDA



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Jakub Kornfeil
Rider #84

#84 (P25):

“The whole race was a really though one. I didn´t feel good on the bike and couldn´t find a good rhythm. For the race we changed the rear spring to a softer one but I wasn´t really happy with that. I tried to push but instead of getting faster I was losing positions. From the moment Pagliani past me in the corner and I had to go wide everything was going in the wrong direction. I am really unhappy about today because during the weekend I felt really good and I was sure we can get a good result here.”

Patrik Pulkkinen
Rider #4

#4 (P29):

“There is not much to say about the race. It was just not good. My start was bad and the rest of the race wasn´t any better. I almost crashed in the second lap and this made me lose the contact to my group. It was so hard to get back there because I had no grip in the rear and the gap got bigger and bigger. The only positive thing today was my first lap. I could improve my fastest lap time by one second compared to the other sessions.”

Florian Prüstel
Managing Director

„On both sides this race was not good at all. At the beginning Jakub was doing well but after one overtake he lost the line and therefor his group. At such a short race distance it was not possible for him to make up for that. Patrik´s race already started quite bad and then he could only just prevent a crash. Positions 25 and 29 are simply a disappointment and we have to improve a lot overseas.”