Filip Salac secures impressive sixth starting position in the season finale

Like a medal, the qualifying day was two-sided for the Redox-PrüstelGP team – a delight on one, sad faces on the other. While Filip Salac has achieved his best qualifying result so far, his team-mate Jakub Kornfeil did not succeed in getting his problems under control.

Filip Salac has shown a surprisingly good development in the past races after the start of the season was anything but easy. He often missed a bit of luck in the races, but his terrific sixth grid place for the last Grand Prix of his rookie season is a remarkable testament to the potential of the 17-year-old Czech. Only 0.473 seconds separate the former Red Bull Rookies Cup rider from his KTM colleagues and pole-sitter Andrea Migno on P1, but only an incredible 0.049 seconds were missing for his first front-row start!

On the other side of the Teambox, however, a completely different image is displayed. Jakub Kornfeil faces a Herculean task in his last race, which he desperately wanted to avoid. An ungrateful 29th place it is in the end, but another grid penalty means that rider from near Brno has to start from the end of the field. As so often in this season, he will show a strong catch-up for sure. The experienced Moto3 rider has already proved that despite all adversities he can still get solid results and championship points.

Will Filip Salac’s best ever qualifying result be followed by his best ever race finish yet? It clearly would be the perfect farewell in his last race for the Redox PrüstelGP Team. When the traffic lights turn to green at 11:00 on Sunday, the focus is straightly towards the front – may luck be with him this time.

Top 10:
1. Andrea Migno (Mugen Race) – 1: 38.683
2. Marcos Ramirez (Leopard Racing) + .274
3. Jaume Masia (Mugen Race) + 0.424
4. Aron Canet (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) +0.457
5. Sergio Garcia (Estrella Galicia 0.0) + 0.458
6. Filip Salac (Redox PrüstelGP) + 0.473
7. Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Leopard Racing) + .597
8. Tatsuki Suzuki (SIC58 Squadra Corse) + 0.601
9. Darryn Binder (CIP Green Power) + .658
10. Romano Fenati (VN Snipers) + .675
29. Jakub Kornfeil (Redox PrüstelGP) – 1’40.773 (Q1)

Jakub Kornfeil
Rider #84

It seems like this is just not my weekend. Sometimes I feel good on the bike and in the next moment, everything changes. This morning when it was even colder, I had zero feelings on the bike. But it is not just the bike, also me. In Qualifying, we did an amazing job but I didn’t manage to ride a lap that was fast enough. I was waiting for someone I could take advantage of in the slipstream but it didn’t work. My last lap in a group with Binder looked very promising but after the second sector the slowed down. I just received another penalty, so I will start from the back of the grid. This season has been a nightmare. Still, I will keep pushing once more tomorrow as I am convinced that I can achieve a good result. I feel sorry for everyone who supports me but I won’t give up. I know my potential and will come back stronger.

Rider #12

Today has been incredible. I am super happy about P6 in Qualifying today, especially because we fast on used and new tyres. The whole day just went amazing and finally, I rode a really fast lap time and to be honest, even though I only slightly missed the front row by 0.049 seconds, I am glad to start from the second row as this will make me less nervous for the race. Let’s see how things go tomorrow but obviously, I am stoked for this Qualifying result at the last race of the season. As always I will push as hard as I can, hoping for a result just as satisfying as today. 

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