First experience in the desert for the Rookies

Last Preseason test for Carxpert PrüstelGP riders in view of the first race.

After the first seasonal test of Jerez last week, the Qatari circuit of Losail (Doha) was the theater of the last pre-seasonal test for Moto3 class. Jason Dupasquier and Dirk Geiger had to face with a completely unknown track, as well as condition quite different from the ones of most European circuits. The first sessions were clearly focused on learning all the features and lines of the track, while the last two days of test aimed at getting more and more familiar with their KTM Moto3 bikes.

After impressively improving almost 4 seconds only on the first day, the Swiss Jason Dupasquier kept on working hard on the following days and was able to reach a personal best lap in 2:06.858. Once again his goal was to increase his feeling and confidence on the bike that he will ride for the 2020 season.

Also the German Dirk Geiger made impressive improvement on this three-day-test on the Circuit of Losail. His personal best time was finally 2:08.243, which is the result of great determination and constancy, as he succeeded in improving up to five seconds during this weekend of test.

Once again the Belgian Barry Baltus, who together with Jason completes the regular 2020 line-up of Carxpert PrüstelGP, was at the racetrack to support his teammates and to learn as much as he can from those, that starting from Le Mans, will be his rivals.

The team is now ready to face new challenges that the 2020 will bring, fully confident in all three riders and with the will of keep on working hard as always. Let´s get it started!

#50 Jason Dupasquier P28 2:06.858

“This three-day- test in Qatar was very positive. It was a completely new track for me, I am satisfied with my best laptime in my first experience on this track. The features of this track are very unique, especially the conditions of wind and sand. Overall the test was really positive, as I am very happy with the bike. I was focusing also on adapting my position to the bike. I feel ready for the race, I am confident that I will have the same good feeling of this test: the goal is to be faster! I am really curious to try the new 2020 engine ,hopefully it will help me to improve my performance.”

#60 Dirk Geiger P31 2:08.243

“Overall the test was quite good, I am really happy about all three days. The first day was a bit difficult because I didn´t feel at my 100% physically especially in the last run. The second day I improved a lot thanks to some changes in the riding style, which made me much faster than the day before. The feeling with the bike improved as well as the laptime. The third and last day was really positive because I was more than 1.5 seconds faster than on Saturday. I tried to ride alone and being constant in the performance. I am satisfied with the test and feel ready for the race weekend.”

Tim Jüstel (Team Coordinator)

“Jason, Dirk and the whole team have worked really hard in the last few days. For sure we are not where we would like to be, but both riders improved impressively. Even if the situation is not that easy, the team is doing an amazing job, working together and aiming at the same goal. Dirk focused on his riding style and was able to learn lap after lap. The goal is clear: reducing the gap as much as possible. Jason is enjoying this track a lot, he´s feeling well and he´s really determined! We are looking forward to the first race weekend und I am sure we will all give our best.”

Photo credits: © [2020] FGlaenzel

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