Heat test for riders and material: Will CFMOTO withstand the Malaysian climate?

This coming weekend, Malaysia will salute is with “Selamat Detang” – in English: “Welcome” at the iconic Sepang International Circuit, located around 75 km away from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Opened in 1999 after just 14 months of construction, the state-of-the-art circuit has not only become the physical home of motorsport in Malaysia, but has also inspired generations as an innovative racing and edutainment center, symbolizing the future of the country’s racing industry and enchanting international visitors with its vernacular temple-style pit area. Malaysia is diverse – a melting pot of several cultures with skyscrapers standing right next to traditional pile dwellings. And “contrasts” are also a good keyword when it comes to motorsport.

Put side by side, SIC will always stand out among all the tracks in the motorcycle world championship. The unusual layout is dominated by the two long straights, separated only by a tight hairpin curve as the last braking point before the start-finish point. Another special feature is the width of the track, which gives the riders plenty of good opportunities to overtake, but at the same time makes it difficult to sound out the ideal line. The alternation of speed-laden straights and slow, tight corners makes the track extremely demanding and, together with the often strenuous climatic conditions – 30 °degrees and, as usual, high humidity are expected next weekend for example – makes the Malaysian Grand Prix a test of endurance for both the riders’ fitness and the material.

For the CFMOTO Racing PruestelGP pilots, it is once again important to put everything on the line in the last race of the overseas series. Sepang demands speed – and it remains to be seen whether #43 Xavier Artigas and #99 Carlos Tatay can successfully use the remaining time until the official start of the race to prepare themselves and their CFMOTO bikes optimally for the race. After the tropical race, it’s back to Europe to the home of our two pilots for the eagerly awaited season finale in Valencia.

#43 Xavier Artigas

“It’s also the first time I will seen Sepang this season – we’ve done our homework and are gradually working our way up to better times on this track, which is new to us. I’m looking forward to starting the free practice sessions on Friday.”

#99 Carlos Tatay

“The last overseas race is coming up. I’m motivated and we’re doing everything we can to minimize the sources of error that were evident in Australia. Sure, we basically have the speed, but we will get better in acceleration to place ourselves far in front. It will be an exciting weekend.”

Timetable of the PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia 21 OCT – 23 OCT for the Moto3™

FRIDAY, 21 OCT 2022

03:00 – 03:40 (CET)  


Free Practice Nr. 1

07:15 – 07:55 (CET) 


Free Practice Nr. 2


03:00 – 03:40 (CET) 


Free Practice Nr. 3

06:35 – 06:50 (CET) 


Qualifying Nr. 1

07:00 – 07:15 (CET)        


Qualifying Nr. 2

SUNDAY, 23 OCT 2022

04:00 – 04:10 (CET)


Warm Up

06:00 (CET)


Race (17 Laps)

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