Kornfeil: “The 2019 KTM has a lot of potential.”

Kornfeil: “The 2019 KTM has a lot of potential.”

Right after the official team presentation last Friday, the Redox PrüstelGP team made their way to Valencia, Spain, for a two-day private test.

The conditions at the 4-kilometer Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste were almost ideal. In sunshine, the two Czech riders rode the first few laps on their brand new KTM Moto3 machine.

Newly signed Filip Salač coped surprisingly well and impressed with his focused way of working on the first day. Together with his new crew chief, Stefan Kirsch, Salač’s side focused on adjusting the seating position. On the second day of the test, intensive work was already being done to tune the front wheel and they quickly found a solution that would make the 17-year-old feel more comfortable on his bike. The rear wheel initially caused difficulties for the youngster due to a lack of grip, but the team was eager to improve the situation. After the first two test days, the former Red Bull Rookies Cup rider is already looking forward to the upcoming test in Jerez and is very confident that he can achieve a lot with the KTM.

Jakub Kornfeil, on the other hand, knows what the first test of the year is all about – precise work and little progress. The 25-year-old scores with his experience and works specifically to make himself feel completely comfortable on his Moto3 machine. Compared to the first day there was already a significant improvement in the lap times, but the Czech estimates the current used potential of the KTM at 70% and knows, there is a lot more to come. Kornfeil is glad that it goes straight to the next test, because there is not much time until March 10 when the battle for the first championship points is fought out in Qatar.

A lot of work is still in front of the highly motivated team from the Sachsenring, which they continue from 11th til 12th of February in Jerez de la Frontera.

Jakub Kornfeil
Rider #84

Today it was colder than yesterday, even though it was sunny. From 12pm to 15pm we had really good conditions on both days. Yesterday we tried so many things, but we focused mainly on finding the most comfortable position on the bike. After finding my position, the focus was on increasing our lap times. We’ve improved by half a second since yesterday, but we’re still not where we need to be. The bike has a lot more potential and that’s what we need to work out. I don’t feel a hundred percent comfortable on the bike yet, especially while exiting the corners, but also when going into turns I need significant improvements. Currently, we may use 70% of the potential of KTM. I think the 2019 KTM bike is good, but we still have a lot of work to do. I’m really looking forward to the Jerez test because I truly like this track.

Rider #12

We finished the first two days of testing with my new KTM bike. It worked well so far and I am really happy with the bike. Of course it’s totally different to my bike from last year. I like the front part of the bike a lot and I have a good feeling. We worked a lot on the rear part of the bike because we had some problems with the rear grip. It was very slippery but in the end we went in the right direction and it worked much better. The front was a bit of a struggle at the beginning but we fixed that quickly. My team is doing a great job and I am super happy with my new crew chief, Stefan. I am pretty sure that if we continue to work like this, we ca be good. I am happy to go straight to Jerez for another two days of testing. I cant wait to get back on the bike again.