Pruestel GP starts the 2020 moto3 world championship with a german rider

Next to the Swiss Jason Dupasquier, the Saxon PrüstelGP team will start the first race of the season with the young german talent Dirk Geiger in Qatar on 8th March 2020.

Dirk Geiger is not completely unknown, as he already attracted attention at this year’s Sachsenring Grand Prix as a wildcard in the Moto3 class with his bike design in honour of Ralf Waldmann. This wildcard at the Sachsenring in 2019 was a cooperation between team Kiefer Racing and PrüstelGP. Since then, the team has been in close contact with Dirk Geiger and his closest supporter and promoter Peter Bales (PB Motorsport Events), whose commitment also opened the doors of the 2019 Moto2 World Championship with Team Kiefer Racing for the German Lukas Tulovic.

Dirk Geiger will race the first four races of the 2020 season in Qatar, Thailand, USA and Argentina for the German racing team PrüstelGP and will gain his first experience in the Moto3 World class. If everything goes according to plan and Dirk will hold his own in the World Championship, PrüstelGP Team will support him for further wildcards, as for example in the home Grand Prix at Sachsenring.

In collaboration with Peter Bales, PrüstelGP is currently working in order to give Dirk Geiger further opportunities to race on a Moto3 bike in 2020, perhaps even to be considered a possible regular rider for PrüstelGP in 2021. Dirk is 6 times German Champion – starting with Pocketbike (DM 2010, 2011), Minibike (DM 2012, 2013) and winner of the ADAC Junior Cup (2015), up to the ADAC Northern European Cup Moto3 (DM 2016, 2017). Since 2018 Dirk has also entered the international stage in the European Talent Cup as the best German rider.

The performance level of the Moto3 class is enormously high, which demands hard work, discipline and dedication from the rider as well as from the mechanics crew. Since the takeover of the racing team in the Deutschland Grand Prix at Sachsenring in 2016, the goal of the Prüstel family has always been to compete with German/ German-speaking riders in the World Championship as soon as the skills of a young talent come to light. Since then, a lot has been invested in the PrüstelGP Academy, based at the Sachsenring, to promote young German talent such as Freddie Heinrich, Lennox Lehmann or Marvin Siebdrath.

In 2020, two young German riders will have the chance to prove themselves in the newly born Northern Talent Cup. Through close cooperation with ADAC Sachsen and DORNA, further steps will be taken to promote and support young German talents.

Dirk Geiger

“A huge thank you to the Prüstel family and PrüstelGP for their confidence in my skills. Thanks also to my parents and my management who made this step into the Moto3 World Championship possible. And to all the fans and friends out there, you will see the best Dirk Geiger ever. I will not only race to be there, but I also want to represent Germany fairly and inspire all motorsport fans”.

Since September 2019, the official riders pairing of PrüstelGP for 2020 in the Moto3 World Championship is also known. The regular riders are the 18-year-old former Red Bull Rookies Cup rider Jason Dupasquier (Switzerland) and 15-year-old Belgian Barry Baltus, who has strongly came to light in 2019, especially in the Moto3 Junior World Championship. Due to his age, Barry is not allowed to start until the race in Jerez. But the team and the Managing Director Florian Prüstel are convinced of the Belgian’s potential and absolutely want to let him competing in World Championship under the PrüstelGP colours.

Florian Prüstel

Managing Director

We are happy to announce that for the first time, we will be competing in the first four World Championship races in 2020 with a German rider. The 17-year-old Dirk Geiger is the designated rider.

The performance level in Moto3 is very high, which is why the decision was not easy for us. Since the beginning of our activities in the Moto3 World Championship 2016 we have of course been observing the market of young German riders and supporting them in the lower championships as well, often in cooperation with other teams who take care of the professional support and the material. The management of a World Championship racing team is complex and often much more complicated than it appears from the outside. It demands a lot of commitment from every single team member and other supporters and sponsors – who I want to thank once again. And the core markets of our sponsors are also important, for example in the choice of our GP riders. Nevertheless, the performance, the skills and the potential of the riders are in the foreground.

The team has been back at the Sachsenring since last week and now the focus is fully on the preparation of the season 2020. We will work hard together with Dirk to get ready to test the new KTM bikes in February in Europe and overseas in Qatar, before the first World Championship round starts again at the beginning of March. We are looking forward and hope for a lot of support from German fans and we are of course grateful for every supporter and sponsor of our team, so that above all the junior projects can be supported and developed sustainably.

Fotoquelle: © [2019] PrüstelGP I – by Ronny Lekl I

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