PrüstelGP builds on expertise with Swiss Moto2 rider Tom Lüthi

After the Austrian Grand Prix, Tom Lüthi announced his retirement from his active racing career effective at the end of the 2021 season. However, the end of his active career is the beginning of new potential in the development of motorsport – especially for PrüstelGP. With Tom Lüthi, the German racing team has found the racing expert that team manager Florian Prüstel has been seeking for a long time. Tom Lüthi is about to take over the role of Sports Director in PrüstelGP’s Moto3 World Championship team after the end of the 2021 season, as well as in the PrüstelGP Junior Team. The synergy that can be exploited with this collaboration between Tom Lüthi and PrüstelGP opens up completely new opportunities for the racing team and brings the goal of the Moto3 World Championship title closer. Equally, the concentrated racing expertise between the German racing team and the Swiss racing expert offers an interesting new platform in the German-speaking region with international reach for sponsors and partners.

Florian Prüstel, Team Manager:

“I have been looking for a long time for someone who, as an authentic, experienced expert, can take care of our riders, coordinate their training, accompany them and support them on their way to the top. Thanks to the collaboration with Tom, we have all of this perfectly covered. With his 19 years of world championship experience, he knows exactly what is important in racing – especially at the beginning of a career, when you first have to get used to the big, not always easy world of international racing. I’m also looking forward to being able to give our partners even more exciting insights into the fascinating world of racing and to having an expert at our side, who can provide such impressions from a completely different perspective. Together, we have thus created a base that gives us the know-how and skills it takes to get to the title.” 

Tom Lüthi:

“My decision that I will end my active career as a professional rider is of course made a lot easier by this opportunity of my involvement as Sports Director at PrüstelGP. I am very much looking forward to being able to contribute to sporting success in a new role. To be able to pass on my experience and to work together with young talents, but also with already very strong riders in the Moto3 World Championship is an exciting new challenge. I am sure that the PrüstelGP team and I will complement each other perfectly – the whole project is a synergy that could hardly be better. I’m looking forward to our joint successes and development.”

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