PrüstelGP unveiled their 2021 bikes live from Sachsenring

The team from Saxony presented his Moto3 and NTC line-up for 2021 season

The team launch of PrüstelGP took place, as tradition, at the Sachsenring. This year, due to COVID restricions, sponsors and partners could not be present, but it was nevertheless an exciting event. On Sunday 21st February, Florian Prüstel and his team presented his 2021 line-up for NTC and Moto3™ World Championship. The launch, live on Social Media, was hosted by the DAZN Tv commentator Lukas Gajewski.

The PrüstelGP Junior team warmly welcomes his new rider Noel Willemsen, who already showed impressive performance at his first year in the series. Besides him, Dustin Schneider was reconfirmed as PrüstelGP rider for another season. Florian Prüstel proudly introduced the new main sponsor of PrüstelGP Junior Team: Arena-E, an indoor track for electric karts in Mülsen, that offers a great opportunity for growing together young German talents.

After his great first season in NTC, Freddie Heinrich is fully focused on his new racing commitment: The Red Bull Rookies Cup. As first rider to enter PrüstelGP Academy, the whole team is happy to celebrate Freddie´s achievement and to support him in this new crucial challenge.

It´s finally time to unveil the 2021 Moto3™ World Championship bike design, with the introduction of the new Carxpert PrüstelGP rider, the Japanese Ryusei Yamanaka. For the first exit with PrüstelGP colors, Ryusei is extremely motivated to do well with his new team and bike. The goal is the constant fighting for the top-10 and podiums.

The reconfirmed Jason Dupasquier, after a first challenging season, is completely focused on the new year. He spent his winter time in Spain, training hard and constantly improving both physically and mentally.

Carxpert PrüstelGP is now ready to head to Spain for the first private test scheduled in March in Valencia and Jerez, before flying to Qatar where the first two rounds of Moto3™ World Championship will take place. Northern Talent Cup will have to wait a bit more to go back on track, as the first test are scheduled in April.

#6 Ryusei Yamanaka: “I am happy to be part of his team. Already after the first test in Portimao, I had the feeling that this team was like a family. My goal is to improve as much as possible, fighting for the top-10 and why not, also for the podium in the second part of the season. I think I can adapt well to the switch to KTM bike. I really can´t wait to start the season!”

#50 Jason Dupasquier: “I love the new design of the bike! I feel ready to start the new season, I trained hard during the whole winter, I spent two months in Spain with other riders. The goal is to improve step by step, keeping the hard work we did last season. Firstly I want to improve myself and my performance and I am sure also good lap times will come.”

#9 Freddie Heinrich: “I am really excited about this new challenge in Red Bull Rookies Cup! It´s a dream coming true. I have been training hard also this winter to get ready for this championship. I am fully motivated to start on the 9th of April for the first test in Portimao”

#77 Noel Willemsen: “I am really proud to be part of PrüstelGP Junior Team for the 2021 season. It´s my first time in a professional team and I want to learn and make as much experience as I can. After a first year in NTC, I am sure this year I can make a step further, that´s why my goal is the top-5. I can´t wait to race with Arena E PrüstelGP Junior Team colors!”

#20 Dustin Schneider: “It´s a honor for me being a PrüstelGP Junior Team rider also in 2021. Last season was challenging for me but I learned a lot out of it. I improve throughout the season and I am sure this season will be even better. I have been training hard this winter, working physically and on my riding style. Let´s see what this season will bring!”

Photo credits: © [2021] MINDWORK Marketing GmbH I Mike Hillebrand

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