Race red flagged after 16 laps at the Silverstone Circuit

Race red flagged after 16 laps at the Silverstone Circuit

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Having to start from the last row at the “Octo British Grand Prix” the only option for the Peugeot Motocycle SAXOPRINT riders was to give everything they got to achieve the best possible result under these circumstances. Eventually Pulkkinen finished 24th, Kornfeil finished 23th following a time penalty.


The 100th race of the Moto3TM class kicked off on this Sunday under fantastic conditions. Having 23 degrees and full sunshine the “Octo British Grand Prix” was started at 12.40 local time.

Both Peugeot Motocycle SAXOPRINT riders had to start from the last row so they knew from the start that this race was going to be a hard and tight one.
Not long into the race the grid split into two groups with 23 riders in the first one. Kornfeil and Pulkkinen had to settle for the second group stretching from 26th to 32nd position at first.

The numerous overtakes entailed that the leaders of this group managed to open a gap in the ninth lap. Three laps before the end of the race the group could catch both runaways again but even the Top 20 were out of range during the whole race.

Following a crash the race was red flagged and completed after 16 out of 17 laps. At this time Kornfeil was in 22nd position, Rookie Pulkkinen was 27th. A technical problem of his bike a few laps before had him thrown back from the leading position.

Due to a lot of riders short cutting, one of them being Czech rider Kornfeil, the results had to be revised. Getting a time penalty of 2.4 seconds Kornfeil finished 23th and Pulkkinen 24th eventually.


Race results Moto3TM
1. A. Canet | SPA | HONDA
2. E. Bastianini | ITA | HONDA
3. J. Martin | SPA | SPA | HONDA



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Jakub Kornfeil
Rider #84

#84 (P23):

„It was a tough race today. We had to start from the back and the first group got away quite quickly unfortunately. We were fighting a lot and they could upon a gap then. I was trying to catch them again but all the overtakes prevented me from getting away. Anyway I am not totally disappointed because I improved my lap time by two seconds and I could fight with the other bikes at least. Unfortunately they finished the race one lap earlier when I was in 22nd position and then I also got a penalty so I finished 23rd. I am happy that we were competitive compared to the riders in my group so I hope we can continue like this in Misano.”

Patrik Pulkkinen
Rider #4

#4 (P24):

„I am actually quite happy about my race. I could improve my lap time a lot compared to the Free Practices and I was also quite strong in my group. I was leading the group when I got a problem with my bike during the race. It just stopped in the middle of the straight so all the other riders passed me. After that it was hard to catch them again and continue fighting. When we lost the contact to the other group the riders around me were cutting the chicane to catch them again. Of course the others got a penalized for that but I was the only one not doing it.”

Florian Prüstel
Managing Director

“The race was another difficult one again. We had to start from the back but both riders had quite a good start so they could gain promising positions in their group. Unfortunately the front group got away quite early during the race so a really good position was out of reach for both of them. In the end they had to fight in the last group but they did a good job there and both improved their lap times by nearly two seconds. For Patrik it’s a pity that he had that problem with his bike otherwise he may have been better than 24th. Anyway the most important thing now is to improve our performance in the qualifying to get a better basis for the race. This will be the aim for Misano. I have to say thanks to the team for their good work again.”