Round two at the Red Bull Ring: PrüstelGP is ready for the AustrianGP

After a four-day break, the PrüstelGP team with Ryusei Yamanaka and Filip Salac will compete in the second race at the Red Bull Ring as part of the Austrian GP.

The second half of the season was kicked off last week with a catch-up race by Ryusei Yamanaka and Filip Salac at the StyrianGP. Now the PrüstelGP team is ready to build on the experience of the first race weekend at the 4.3-kilometer long Red Bull Ring. The goal for the next three days on both sides of the box is to be able to show a more constant performance from the beginning in order to start from a better position on race Sunday.

The practice sessions and the races can be followed live on ServusTV at the following scheduled times this coming weekend:

FP1 Moto3: Friday, 08:55 Uhr
FP2 Moto3: Friday, 13:10 Uhr

FP3 Moto3: Saturday, 08:55 Uhr
QP Moto3: Saturday, 12:35 Uhr

Race Moto3: Sunday, 11:00 Uhr

Ryusei Yamanaka

“Last week’s race was good, despite the difficult weather conditions – I want to build on that this week. Friday and Saturday will be especially important for me – we’ll need to get our strategy right, in order to be in a better position on the starting grid for the race. That will be the most important goal this weekend. If I have to start further back again, I run the risk of being caught in a big group in the tight field of riders. We have to get around that, so for now the focus will be on strategy for practice and qualifying.”

Filip Salac

“The start in the new team on a new bike was very positive for me last week – yet I know we can do more. I’ve been thinking a lot about my technique, riding style and the bike during the days off and I’m looking forward  to building up on the groundwork from last weekend. I can’t wait to get back on the bike!”

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