Tuscan hills of Mugello are the scene to be of race number 8 for the pilots of CFMOTO

Located about 30 km northeast of the city of Florence, the 5.2 km of asphalt have become a myth among racing fans. The Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello is one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world, is the home track of the racing legend Ferrari and impresses with a demanding profile as well as melodious curve names such as “Arrabiata” or “San Donato”.

Full of curves, with a varied mix of uphill and downhill sections and a difference in altitude of 41 m, the natural race track winds its way through the middle of the picturesque, Mediterranean atmosphere of Tuscany and promises to turn the Gran Premio d’ Italia Oakley next weekend into a spectacle for the racing-loving northern Italians as well as for all those arriving.

The two riders #99 Carlos Tatay and #43 Xavier Artigas are ready to push hard amidst the rolling hills and push harder after a rather mixed race weekend in France, especially since Mugello is a very fateful place in the team history of CFMOTO Racing PruestelGP.

#99 Carlos Tatay

“Our batteries are recharged after the weekend at Le Mans and the week off. My feeling in France was good and is the same for the race at Mugello. It’s time again for us to come together as a team, focus and enjoy the race.”

#43 Xavier Artigas

“I really like the Mugello track, so I am very excited to go there for racing, altough it is for sure a situation with mixed feelings for our team. But besides that, I know where to improve and it is our main focus now to concentrate on that during the week.”

Timetable for the Gran Premio d’Italia 27 MAY – 29 MAY for the Moto3™

FRIDAY, 27 MAY 2022

09:00 – 09:40 Uhr (CET)  


Free Practice Nr. 1

13:15 – 13:55 Uhr (CET) 


Free Practice Nr. 2


09:00 – 09:40 Uhr (CET) 


Free Practice Nr. 3

12:35 – 12:50 Uhr (CET) 


Qualifying Nr. 1

13:00 – 13:15 Uhr (CET)       


Qualifying Nr. 2

SUNDAY, 29 MAY 2022

09:00 – 09:10 Uhr (CET)

11:00 Uhr (CET)



Warm Up

Race (20 Laps)

Pictures by © [2022] RLekl

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